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Funeral Administration Software

GENSOFT® - The complete software that puts you in control of your business

The Genlife Funeral Administration Software, Gensoft®, was developed with you in mind. It is a user-friendly system that will add value to your business and put you in control of the management of your membership and premium collections. It is the only software with a direct link to our payment solutions provider. Debit order and card payments show directly on our software and is supported by various cash-up reports. Gensoft® is the only software offering you this functionality.

Genlife - Software
  • State-of-the-art real time web-based funeral software for free
  • No manual capturing of premiums required
  • Debit order and card payments (SASSA, Credit, Debit & Edcon) immediately reflect on the software
  • Mobile payment devices for all payment methods available from Genlife
  • Cash-up reports keep you informed of your premium collections – no matter where you are
  • Easy uploading of new client policy information
  • Easy editing of data on existing members
  • Full overview of your scheme data on dashboard
  • Various daily and monthly reports available
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Premium payment history of each member stored on their member profile
  • Easy communication with members on outstanding premiums, birthday wishes or any other issues
  • Easy management of access levels of users
  • Easy search function over all branches
  • Multi-level branch management