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GENSOFT® - The complete software that puts you in control of your business

Not only does Genlife offer funeral cover and funeral insurance at extremely competitive rates, our state-of-the-art administration software, Gensoft®, is available to all our clients free of charge.

The Genlife Funeral Administration Software, Gensoft®, was developed with you in mind. It is a user-friendly system that will add value to your business and put you in control of the management of your membership and premium collections. It is the only software with a direct link to our payment solutions provider. Debit order and card payments show directly on our software and is supported by various cash-up reports. Gensoft® is the only software offering you this functionality.

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  • State-of-the-art real time web-based funeral software for free
  • No manual capturing of premiums required
  • Debit order and card payments (SASSA, Credit, Debit & Edcon) immediately reflect on the software
  • Mobile payment devices for all payment methods available from Genlife
  • Cash-up reports keep you informed of your premium collections – no matter where you are
  • Easy uploading of new client policy information
  • Easy editing of data on existing members
  • Full overview of your scheme data on dashboard
  • Various daily and monthly reports available
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Premium payment history of each member stored on their member profile
  • Easy communication with members on outstanding premiums, birthday wishes or any other issues
  • Easy management of access levels of users
  • Easy search function over all branches
  • Multi-level branch management


POS - Mobile Cash Reciept

Gensoft® is designed to help grow your business. As part of our Member Management Strategy we integrated Gensoft® with a device that captures payments remotely and provides members with a detailed receipt. Our POS (point of sale) device will capture the payment anywhere in the field where traditional cash payments are made, and update the payment against the member via GPRS network on Gensoft®.

  • Free to Genlife clients
  • Print anywhere, anytime
  • Device linked to Gensoft® our state-of-the-art Funeral Administration Software. All payments received will automatically show on the software
  • Cash-up report immediately available
  • Embedded printer - iPad + bluetooth printer
  • Manage on Summi Cloud
  • Large 5.5 inch IPS qHD Sunlight Display - 960 * 540 resolution, 5.5 inches screen, using IPS technology visible angle has achieved 178° suitable broadness, capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Stable performance running smoothly with 10 apps concurrently with 1.3GHz Quad-Core processors and 4GB Nand Flash
  • Super endurance (Battery Life), 7.5V / 5200mAh high battery-powered - with 48 hours of continuous working, 30 days locked standby time, 5 000 order printing (under full power)
  • With built-in high-speed printer
  • Work anywhere with 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth V1 has load speaker 1W
  • Self diagnose device with POS steward

SASSA, Debit & Credit Card collection

  • Collect anywhere, anytime
  • Free to all Genlife clients
  • Load debit orders by swiping the bank card - no paper work
  • Print anywhere, anytime
  • Device is linked to Gensoft®, our state-of-the-art Funeral Administration Software. All payments received will reflect immediately on our software
  • Cash-up report immediately available
  • Equip your business with ONE device, non disputable, account verified solution
  • AEDO: Provide an account verification, while loading the debit order
  • AEDO: Cannot dispute
  • AEDO: No retainer - next or same day settlement

AEDO - Authenticated Early Debit Order

  • Initiated using a fixed or mobile terminal
  • Provide account verification
  • Cannot dispute
  • Run early morning
  • Can be tracked for multiple days

POS - Debit and credit card transactions

  • Secure real-time debit/credit SASSA card transactions
  • Built-in hot and stolen card facility
  • Reference option - Policy/client number
  • Balance enquiry can be done

Real-time transaction and settlement reporting can take Mastercard, Visa, Edcon and SASSA card payments.

POS - Debit Order