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Genlife Terms and Conditions – Complaints Procedures, Right to Cancel, Replacement and Contact Numbers

Author: alicia

Posted: 04 Oct 2021

Complaints Procedures:

  1. Please contact Genlife Financial Services (Pty) and have the following information handy:

1.1 Policy Number

1.2 Identity Number

1.3 Nature of enquiry

Complaints which are not resolved to your satisfaction may be referred to Safrican’s Legal & Compliance department. Complaints which are still not resolved may be referred to the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance or the Registrar of Long-Term Insurance.

Right to Cancel:

After Safrican has accepted the member’s application for insurance cover, the member may decide to instruct Safrican to cancel the policy. The member must submit this instruction in writing to Safrican within 30 days after receipt of this policy schedule. The member may only submit such cancellation instruction to Safrican if no benefit has yet been paid or claimed or the insured event has not yet occurred. Safrican may deduct the cost of any risk cover the member enjoyed under the policy before it was cancelled.


If this policy is being purchased to replace another policy that has been cancelled or which will be cancelled in the near future, the member should be aware that it might be to their disadvantage to do so. The member must please contact Genlife Financial Services (Pty) in order to be informed of these disadvantages and consequences and ensure that a Policy Replacement Advice Record is completed, if applicable.

Contact Numbers:

Long-Term Insurance Ombudsman

Private Bag X45, Claremont, 7735

Tel: 0860 103 236

Fax: (021) 674 0951

Email: info@ombud.co.za


Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

P.O. Box 35655, Menlo Park, 0102

Tel: 080 020 3722

Fax: (021) 428 8000

Email: info@fsca.co.za


Genlife Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (Administrators)

Tel: (021) 450 5581

Fax: 086 718 1504

Email: admin@genlife.co.za

Website: www.genlife.co.za