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Genlife Terms and Conditions – Claims and Procedures

Author: alicia

Posted: 04 Oct 2021

  1. In the event of a claim, the specified benefit will be paid to the member or beneficiary.

2. Claims must be submitted to Safrican within 6 months of the death of the assured life.

3. Safrican reserves the right to cancel the policy and to declare all premiums paid by the member in terms of the policy forfeited if there is any evidence of, or attempted submission of, a fictional claim, fraud or misrepresentation.

4. Claims must be accompanied by the following clearly legible documents:

  • A completed official claim form as prescribed by Liberty from time to time
  • An official or certified copy of the original death certificate
  • Completed BI-1663
  • Clearly legible certified copies of the Main member ID document
  • Clearly legible certified copy of the Deceased member ID
  • In case of third party payments, a certified copy of the third party’s ID document is required;
  • Police statement, in event of death due to unnatural causes
  • Bank details and a copy of a bank statement of the payee (or the third party in respect of third party payments) for payment of the benefit
  • In the event of a Stillborn a Medical History Report is required.
  • If, in case of a Family Plan, no spouse is listed, a certified copy of a marriage certificate will be required.
  • If, in case of a Family Plan, or Single member with children, no children are listed, a certified copy of the birth certificate will be required.
  • Any additional documents that Liberty in its sole discretion deems necessary